Sandblasting in International Areas

  • Qingdao MSL International Trade Co., Ltd

    Qingdao MSL International Trade Co., Ltd

    222 Tieshan Road, Huangdao District
    Qingdao City, Shandong Province China
    Qingdao MSL International Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. Located in the machinery manufacturing base of QINGDAO Seaport (among the top 10 worldwide). For over 9 years, we have developed experience in production and sales experience. ISO 9000 management system & CE quality certification. We focus on designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and selling shot blasting machines, CNC punching machines, sand preparation equipment, moulding core production equipment, and environmentally-friendly de-dusting equipment. We have more than 40 self-developed designs and molds for you to choose from.

    As one of the leading machinery manufacturers, we bring together technical proficiency and professionalism. Our main products are: CNC punching machines, roller conveyor shot blasting machines, hook type shot blasting machines, sand blasting rooms, road shot blasting machines, steel plate shot blasting machines. We are professional manufacturers of shot blasting rooms.

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