Best Sandblasting Companies in Sacramento, CA

  • American Stripping Co.

    American Stripping Co.

    6202 Warehouse Way
    Sacramento, CA 95826
    American Stripping Company offers a wide variety of blast cleaning options for commercial and industrial needs. We understand the time restraints that can be encountered in this arena and pride ourselves on being able to meet demanding schedules and precise specifications, doing what ever it takes to get the job done right and on time. We stock 10-100,000 lbs of various abrasives or blast media’s. Our shop also has the capability of process blasting very large items outside.

    Services include: rust repair, paint and rust removal, powder coating, primer and top coating.

    Price range: $$
  • Lux Powder Coat

    Lux Powder Coat

    3951 Research Drive, Suite B
    Sacramento, CA 95838
    Sandblasting is an indispensable step in the powder coating process, serving as the ultimate preparation technique for surfaces. Sandblasting effectively removes rust, old paint, and other contaminants, creating an immaculate and highly adhesive surface. This ensures a smooth, long-lasting finish, enabling the powder coating to adhere more effectively. Skipping the sandblasting phase could compromise the durability and appearance of the final coating. By incorporating sandblasting into our workflow, we are committed to providing you with a premium quality finish that stands the test of time
    Price range: $$
  • Pacific Powder Coating

    Pacific Powder Coating

    8637 23rd Ave
    Sacramento, CA 95826
    Pacific Powder Coating utilizes its in-house commercial sandblasting options to meet pretreatment and texture requirement for various finishes. The process works on a number of surfaces and is a fast and efficient method to prepare material for powder coating.
    Price range: $$
  • Microform Precision

    Microform Precision

    4244 South Market Court, Suite A
    Sacramento, CA 95834
    Microform Precision offers in-house powder coating services. Because we do not send out parts to a third-party to powder coat, our production cycle is more efficient than many of our competitors.
    Price range: $$
  • VSR Valley Surface Revitalization

    VSR Valley Surface Revitalization

    2647 Mercantile Drive
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
    VSR is the leading dustless sandblasting, soft washing, and pressure washing company in the Sacramento region. With every project, we strive to be environmentally-conscious. We use recycled water for power washing and soft washing. Our process for dustless sandblasting uses recycled bottle glass and other eco-friendly abrasives that comply with California environmental regulation. We are a licensed contractor that works with large construction companies, municipalities, local businesses, commercial properties, and residential clients. No matter who you are, we will treat you with courtesy and professionalism.
    Price range: $$

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