Sandblasting in District of Columbia

  • American Stripping Co.

    American Stripping Co.

    9205 Vassau Ct
    Manassas Park, VA 20111
    A diversified company performing commercial and residential coating application and removal.

    We specialize in industrial, commercial and residential blasting, metallizing, powder coating, painting and restoration. Our 37 years in business has allowed us the opportunity to provide services to many diverse industries with excellent results. We have large work areas both indoors and out for project mock ups and pre-assemblies when required.

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  • Sandblast America

    Sandblast America

    6974 Wellington Rd
    Manassas, VA 20109
    Our skilled professionals use only the finest tools and materials to provide you with the best abrasive blast cleaning, full paint services and powder coating services available.

    If you’re looking for specialists in metal, iron, steel, aluminum or concrete, call us. We provide Commercial, Industrial and Shop services: Media abrasive blast cleaning, Commercial coating applications, Water pressure washing, Floor coating applications, Powder coating services, Media blasting granite and foam signs, and more!

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  • WCS Surface Restoration

    WCS Surface Restoration.

    Warrenton, VA
    We remove paint, rust, corrosion and dirt from any surface with Dustless Blasting.

    We don’t use harsh chemicals, there’s no dust plume that you would have from regular sand blasting, and there isn’t any heat buildup or warping because we use water to cool the surface. We use an environmentally safe rust inhibitor on metal that reduces the flash rusting period (up to 72 hours) allowing plenty of time to prime the metal surface. We strip paint, rust and body filler from cars, trucks, fleet vehicles and boats.

    We remove Graffiti and fire damage from structures. We remove paint, stain, calcium buildup and dirt from pools, concrete, stone and masonry, decks and patios. We can etch stone, slate and tile reducing the slick conditions when these surfaces get wet, decreasing the chance of falls. Serving residential, commercial and industrial needs in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

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  • Green Clean Dustless Blasting

    Green Clean Dustless Blasting

    Fredericksburg, VA
    Green Clean: Your Cheaper, Faster, Cleaner, Greener Alternative to Other Media Blasting Methods.

    Is your boat, outdoor furniture, or vehicle riddled with unsightly discolorations or rust? Trying to restore these surfaces by hand would take an exorbitant amount of time and elbow grease. Instead of exhausting yourself attempting to scrub home features and items like these, save yourself the time and frustration with dustless blasting in Fredericksburg, VA.

    Traditional sandblasting not only removes sand from its natural locations, but it can also be messy, impacting more than just the objects you wish to clean. The dustless blasting process, however, is a much safer alternative as it uses a combination of water and fine abrasives made from recycled glass to restore the look of your chosen surface. When you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to sandblasting, you can count on Green Clean Dustless Blasting LLC for safe, effective restoration.

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