Residential Sandblasting in Colorado

  • Lightning Mobile Inc.

    Lightning Mobile Inc.

    260 East 54th Avenue Suite 108
    Denver, CO 80216
    ightning Mobile initial service offering was pressure washing industrial, commercial and retail facilities. Thousands of projects have been successfully cleaned by our crews.

    Within a year Lightning Mobile entered the snow removal business. Lightning Mobile Snow Division is now one of the largest snow removal companies in Colorado.

    Street sweeping and parking lot sweeping were added at the request of our expanding client base. Every day our equipment is out in the field keeping our clients facilities and streets clean of debris.

    It was amazing how fast our Commercial Electrical Division took off. Within just a few years Lightning Mobile crews now travel the entire state of Colorado and surrounding states.

    Around ten years ago Lightning Mobile began an Abrasive Blasting Division. Our crews travel the state of Colorado and adjacent states providing blasting and painting services. Any type of blasting found on the web we provide. Corn cob, Dry Ice, coal slag, soda, plastic bead, glass bead, dustless blasting, etc.

    Lightning Mobile from the beginning has provided Welding and Fabrication services including stair tread replacement, mild steel projects, aluminum welding, stainless welding. These all can be provided at our shop and mobile service is also available.

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  • AAA Sandblasting of Denver

    AAA Sandblasting of Denver

    PO Box 1455
    Berthoud, CO 80513
    AAA Sandblasting is the go-to choice for professional abrasive blasting services in the Denver metro area and along the Colorado Front Range. We do large and small surface cleaning and preparation, and work with all media. Our team can be trusted to make sure your projects are finished safely, correctly, and to your fullest expectations.

    Our main services include:

    Etching – Signs and decorative designs in wood, glass, stone, concrete
    Abrading – scouring surfaces for various effects
    Cleaning – interior and exterior paint, dirt, stain, treatment and rust removal
    Restoration – assisting in restoration to original finish for metal, concrete, brick, wood, etc.
    Profiling – roughing and cleaning surfaces for better adherence for paint and other treatments
    Shot Peening – for metal preparation
    Texturing – for surface designs and effects in concrete and other surfaces

    We are experienced in all abrasives including sand, bead, corn cob, etc. We work with concrete, stone, metal, wood, plastic, and glass. Our mobile blasting service means we come to you.

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