Fletch’s Sandblasting & Painting, Inc.

Fletch’s Sandblasting & Painting, Inc.

36 Beede Rd
Epping, NH 03042
Our professional technicians have experience sandblasting everything from heavy equipment to massive bridge girders. We believe that every project, no matter the size should start with proper sandblasting. There are a few SSPC surface prep standards to consider when designing your project.

Waterblasting is a great alternative when profile isn’t an issue. Our waterblasting unit is capable of up to 40,000 psi. In most cases, this will rip through any existing coating and leave bare metal. If the substrate has been sandblasted in the past, waterblasting will expose the original surface profile.

Waterblasting also provides a dust free surface prep, and allows for a garnet or soda injection, meaning a small amount of abrasive can be used. The abrasive is just enough to build a profile, while water eliminates any concern for dust.

Our facility is equipped with a steel shot/grit manual blasting room with reclaimer. This increases productivity by eliminating the need for pot loading. Our reclaimer also filters the abrasive, ensuring that media is the correct size and ensures a proper profile is created.

We also offer automated blasting. Our Pangborn allows us to surface prep high volume structural projects with speed. Our machine is capable of an SSPC SP10 at a rate of six feet per minute. Also, the Pangborn can accommodate plate up to ten feet wide.

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