Billings Media Blasting

Billings Media Blasting

320 Spring Street Extension
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Billings Media Blasting is a Glastonbury, CT-based family-owned and operated surface blasting business which began operations in 2006 as “Billings Soda Blasting Services.” A partnership between the father and son team of Kent and Glen Billings, Billings Media Blasting provides in-house and on-site media blasting services encompassing the full gamut of surface blasting techniques for a variety of industries and applications.

Whether your project warrants standard techniques such as abrasive blasting, soda or walnut shell blasting or more specialized approaches such as dry ice, plastic, sponge or slurry (wet) blasting, Billings Media Blasting possesses the capability, experience and expertise to complete the job with efficiency, effectiveness and unsurpassed results. In short, Billings Media Blasting can restore, clean, strip or prepare any surface.

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